The Reese Military Sales division of Reese Group, Inc. has been in operation for over 30 years servicing military commissaries and exchanges world-wide and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Larry Reese, the president of this division, is a retired U.S. Army Colonel. He served in both active and reserve status for over 26 years and has been in the food and brokerage business since his college days at East Tennessee State University where he received a B.S. in Business and was the Distinguished Military Graduate earning a Regular Army commission through ROTC. Larry heads the division and is deeply involved with every aspect of the business.

Matt Reese, execute vice president of the military division, has been working for Reese Group, Inc. since high school. Upon graduation from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Business, Matt came to work for the company full-time as an account exec and has progressed “through the ranks” to his present position. Matt is responsible for the sales force of Reese Military Sales, traveling world-wide to meet with our staff and ensure coverage is maintained. He also makes sales calls and presentations at DeCA’s Marketing Business Unit and AAFES.

Matthew Smith, Director of Operations, is a Colonel in the Tennessee Army National and has served over 26 years deploying twice with the 278th ACR.  Matthew has a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Elon College and a M.S.A. in General Administration from Central Michigan University.  He is responsible for contracting, distributor coordination, new item presentation documents, and governmental compliance.

Kent Blue, vice president of military sales.

Ben Nguyen, Operations Manager, is a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor Accounting. Coordinates all contracting, distribution levels, management of sales force, and presentations.

Rhonda Holmes is the Chief Financial Officer and has been with The Reese Group, Inc. since 1987. Rhonda has a BBA in Finance/Accounting and a MBE in Training and Development. Rhonda’s husband and two sons currently serve in the Army National Guard. She manages all accounting operations, Human Resources, and Information Systems for The Reese Group, Inc.

Bonnie Rice is responsible for the Navy Exchange (NEX) and Marine (MCX) headquarter sales calls and is also responsible for management of in-store merchandisers and all promotion and demo efforts.

Trella Joiner, Office Manager of Reese Military Sales, is a graduate of Nashville State Technical Institute with a degree in Computer Operations. She handles all aspects of the day to day office operations, accounts receivable and payable, supervision of reconciliations, and planning/supervision of special projects.

Kim Underwood handles the Customer Service Department at Reese Military Sales. Kim is responsible for coordinating purchase orders, deliveries, EDI interface, and resolving general customer service requests.

Juanita Hartling, Administrative Assistant for the military division.  Juanita worked for 35 years with the US Government. Her last 30 years of government service was with DeCA, where she retired as a category manager. Her responsibilities include assisting Angel with the required forms for presentations to DeCA as well as other special projects.

Chris Ray, Regional Manager of Reese Military Sales, is a graduate of Meridian Community College with a degree in Business Management. He manages vendor stockers, product demonstrators and coordinates with DeCA personal to increase sales in his 7 stores across 3 states. Manages the sale and display of various holiday, seasonal and one time buy items. Assist in, complete and partial, store resets in the Southern and Central Regions of DeCA.

In addition to the HQ staff, Reese uses the services of a world-wide sales force and maintains constant communication with them in order to ensure operations are seamless.


Installation Country Ranking Freeze Chill
Aberdeen Proving Ground USA K2 3 2
Altus AFB USA K1 1 2
Anchorage Area-JB Elmendorf-Richardson USA K4 3 4
Andersen AFB–Joint Region Marianas GUM K2 2 2
Andrews Commissary at JB Andrews – NAF Washington USA K5 5 5
Ankara TUR A
Ansbach DEU C
Arnold Engineering and Development Complex USA K1A 1 1
Aviano ITA D
Bangor ANGB USA K1A 1 1
Barksdale AFB USA K3 3 3
Baumholder DEU C
Beale AFB USA K2 2 2
Bolling Commissary at JB Anacostia-Bolling USA K3 3 3
Buckley AFB USA K3 3 3
Cairo EGY A
Camp Carroll ROK K1A 1 1
Camp Casey ROK K1A 0 0
Camp Courtney JPN K2
Camp Foster JPN K3 3 3
Camp Humphreys ROK K1A 0 0
Camp Kure–83rd Ord Bn JPN K1A 0 0
Camp Red Cloud ROK K1A 0 0
Camp Stanley ROK K1A 0 0
Camp Zama JPN K1A 0 0
Cannon AFB USA K2 2 2
Carlisle Barracks USA K1 2 2
Charles E. Kelly Support Facility USA K1 2 2
Charleston AFB Commissary at JB Charleston USA K3 3 3
Chievres BEL D
Columbus AFB USA K2 2 2
Daegu (Camp Walker) ROK K2 2 2
Davis-Monthan AFB USA K4 4 4
Dover AFB USA K3 2 3
Dugway Proving Ground USA K1A 1 1
Dyess AFB USA K2 2 2
Edwards AFB USA K2 1 2
Eglin AFB USA K5 4 4
Eielson AFB USA K2 2 2
Ellsworth AFB USA K2 3 3
Eustis Commissary at JB Langley-Eustis USA K5 5 5
F.E. Warren AFB USA K1 1 1
FA Chinhae ROK K1A 0 0
FA Sasebo JPN K1A 0 0
Fairchild AFB USA K3 3 3
Forest Glen-Walter Reed Hospital USA K3 2 3
Fort Belvoir USA K5 5 5
Fort Benning USA K5 3 5
Fort Bliss USA K5 4 4
Fort Bragg (North Post) USA K4 5 5
Fort Bragg (South Post)-Wm. Hefner Shopping Complex USA K5 5 5
Fort Buchanan USA K2 2 2
Fort Campbell USA K5 5 5
Fort Carson USA K5 5 5
Fort Detrick USA K1 2 1
Fort Drum USA K3 4 3
Fort Gordon USA K4 3 3
Fort Greely USA K1 1 1
Fort Hamilton USA K3 1 2
Fort Hood I (Clear Creek) USA K5 3 5
Fort Hood II (Warrior Way) USA K5 5 5
Fort Huachuca USA K3 3 3
Fort Hunter Liggett USA K1A 1 1
Fort Irwin USA K2 2 2
Fort Jackson USA K4 4 4
Fort Knox USA K4 4 4
Fort Leavenworth USA K4 4 4
Fort Lee USA K3 4 3
Fort Leonard Wood USA K3 4 3
Fort McCoy USA K1A 2 2
Fort Meade USA K5 5 5
Fort Myer USA K3 4 3
Fort Polk USA K4 3 4
Fort Riley USA K5 4 4
Fort Rucker USA K3 4 4
Fort Sam Houston at JB San Antonio USA K5 4 4
Fort Sill USA K4 4 4
Fort Stewart USA K3 3 3
Fort Wainwright USA K2 2 3
Garmisch DEU A
Goodfellow AFB USA K2 2 1
Grafenwoehr DEU C
Grand Forks AFB USA K2 2 2
Gunter AFB USA K2 2 2
Hanscom AFB USA K3 3 3
Hario Village-Fleet Activities Sasebo JPN K1
Harrison Village (Fort Benjamin Harrison) USA K2 2 2
Hickam Field-JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam USA K4 4 4
Hill AFB USA K3 3 3
Hohenfels DEU C
Holloman AFB USA K2 2 2
Hunter AAF USA K2 2 2
Hurlburt Field USA K4 3 2
Illesheim DEU B
Incirlik TUR D
Iwakuni CDC JPN K2
Izmir TUR B
JBLM Lewis Main USA K5 3 3
JBPHH Pearl Harbor USA K4 4 4
K-16 Air Field ROK K1A
Kadena AB JPN K3
Keesler AFB USA K4 4 4
Kelley Barracks DEU A
Kirtland AFB USA K4 4 4
Kunsan AB ROK K1A
Lackland AFB-JB San Antonio USA K5 4 4
Lajes Field PRT C
Langley Commissary at JB Langley-Eustis USA K5 4 3
Laughlin AFB USA K1 1 1
Little Creek Commissary at JB Little Creek-Story USA K5 5 5
Little Rock AFB USA K4 3 4
Livorno (Camp Darby) ITA B
Los Angeles AFB USA K4 2 2
Luke AFB USA K5 5 5
MacDill AFB USA K5 5 5
Malmstrom AFB USA K2 3 3
March ARB USA K5 5 5
Maxwell AFB USA K4 4 3
MCAGCC Twentynine Palms USA K3 2 3
MCAS Cherry Point USA K2 2 2
MCAS Iwakuni JPN K2 2 2
MCAS Miramar USA K5 5 5
MCAS New River USA K2 2 2
MCAS Yuma USA K2 2 2
MCB Camp Kinser JPN K3 3 3
MCB Camp Lejeune USA K4 3 4
MCB Camp Pendleton USA K5 5 5
MCB Quantico USA K5 4 4
MCBH Kaneohe Bay USA K3 4 4
McChord Field-JB Lewis-McChord USA K5 5 5
McClellan AFB USA K4 3 3
McConnell AFB USA K2 2 2
McGuire Commissary at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst USA K5 5 5
MCLB Albany USA K1 1 1
MCLB Barstow USA K1A 1 1
MCMWTC Bridgeport Commissary USA K1A 1 1
MCRD Parris Island USA K2 1 1
Menwith Hill GBR B
Minot AFB USA K2 2 2
Misawa AB JPN K2
Moffett Field USA K2 1A 2
Moody AFB USA K2 3 2
Mountain Home AFB USA K2 2 2
NAF Atsugi JPN K2
NAF El Centro USA K1A 1 1
Naples ITA B
NAS Corpus Christi USA K1 2 1
NAS Fallon USA K2 2 2
NAS Jacksonville USA K5 5 5
NAS JRB Fort Worth USA K3 3 3
NAS JRB New Orleans USA K2 2 3
NAS Key West USA K1A 1 1
NAS Kingsville USA K1A 1 1
NAS Lemoore USA K2 2 2
NAS Meridian USA K1 1 1
NAS North Island USA K2 2 2
NAS Oceana USA K5 5 5
NAS Patuxent River USA K2 2 2
NAS Pensacola USA K4 4 4
NAS Whidbey Island USA K3 3 3
NAS Whiting Field USA K1A 1 1
Naval Air Engineering Station USA K1 1 1
NAWS China Lake USA K1A 1 1
NB Guam Orote-Joint Region Marianas GUM K2
NB Kitsap- Bangor USA K2 3 3
NB Kitsap- Bremerton USA K2 2 1
NB San Diego USA K5 4 4
NCBC Gulfport USA K1 1 1
Nellis AFB USA K5 5 5
NETC Newport USA K2 2 2
NFA Yokosuka JPN K2
NNSY Portsmouth USA K2 2 2
NS Everett- Smokey Point USA K2 3 2
NS Great Lakes USA K2 2 3
NS Mayport USA K3 4 4
NS Mitchel Field USA K1A 1A 1A
NS Norfolk USA K5 4 3
NSA Annapolis USA K1 2 2
NSA Mid-South (Memphis) USA K2 3 3
NSASP Dahlgren USA K1A 1 1
NSB Kings Bay USA K2 2 2
NSB New London USA K3 (2) 2 2
NSWC Crane USA K1A 1 1
NSY Portsmouth USA K1 1 1
NWS Charleston Commissary at JB Charleston USA K3 3 3
Offutt AFB USA K4 4 4
OLF Imperial Beach USA K3 2 3
Ord Military Community USA K3 3 4
Osan AB ROK K2
Panzer– c/o Patch Barracks Commissary DEU A
Patrick AFB USA K4 4 4
Peterson AFB USA K5 5 5
Picatinny Arsenal USA K1 1A 1A
Port Hueneme-NB Ventura County USA K2 2 2
RAF Alconbury GBR C
RAF Croughton GBR B
RAF Lakenheath GBR D
RAF Mildenhall-c/o Lakenheath Commissary GBR A
Ramstein AB DEU D
Randolph AFB-JB San Antonio USA K5 5 5
Redstone Arsenal USA K3 3 3
Richards-Gebaur USA K1A 1 2
Riyadh SAU A
Robins AFB USA K3 3 3
Robinson Barracks DEU A
Rock Island Arsenal USA K1 1 1
Rota ESP C
Sagamihara Housing Area JPN K2
San Onofre Annex USA K1 1 1
Saratoga Springs USA K1A 1 1
Schinnen NLD C
Schofield Barracks USA K4 4 4
Scott AFB USA K5 4 3
Selfridge ANGB USA K4 3 3
Sembach DEU B
Seymour Johnson AFB USA K2 3 3
Shaw AFB USA K2 2 3
Sheppard AFB USA K3 3 3
Sigonella ITA C
Spangdahlem DEU B
Tinker AFB USA K4 4 4
Tobyhanna AD USA K1 1 1
Travis AFB USA K5 3 4
Tyndall AFB USA K3 3 3
U.S. Military Academy (West Point) USA K3 2 2
USAF Academy USA K2 3 3
USCGS Kodiak USA K1 1 1
Vance AFB USA K1 1 1
Vandenberg AFB USA K3 2 3
Vicenza ITA C
Vilseck DEU D
Vogelweh DEU D
White Sands Missile Range USA K1 1 1
Whiteman AFB USA K2 2 3
Wiesbaden DEU D
Wright-Patterson AFB USA K5 5 5
Yokota AB JPN K2
Yongsan CDC ROK K3
Yuma PG USA K1A 1 1